Oil/gas Burner Application Characteristics

- Aug 15, 2017-

oil/gas burner Application characteristics

Natural gas application is very broad, can be divided into two aspects of energy and chemical. Energy is mainly natural gas combustion equipment, in which natural gas burner is one of the main combustion equipment of natural gas. So what aspects of natural gas burners in the application of the application characteristics?

Natural gas burner

1, electric gasifier with less power consumption, saving energy; small size, easy installation, can effectively eliminate the raffinate to improve LPG utilization.

2, CPEX series of gasifier based on Japan's advanced technology, its excellent performance, safe and reliable,

Flow from 30KG to 500KG, for residential residential and industrial gas supply

3, electronic control devices and electric heaters are used explosion-proof design, explosion-proof grade Exdaa11AT6.

4, CPEX gasifier shape has round and square, the overall structure of solid, safe and durable.

5, electric control box and gasifier as a whole structure, saving space to facilitate installation.

6, gasifier detection pressure of 30kg / cm2, safety rated pressure of 17.2kg / cm2

7, liquid float valve can be manually reset, effectively prevent the liquid gas exudation

8, safe pressure relief valve can be automatically discharged overpressure gas, and then automatically shut down.

9, electronic thermostat 60-70 automatic adjustment of water temperature, saving energy.

The use of natural gas burners can be achieved where natural gas is sent, where it can be digested in situ and can give full play to natural gas to save energy, reduce pollution, improve product quality and promote economic growth and social benefits of national economic growth.

There are many types of industrial burner specifications, there are several categories of fuel, gas (gas), coal (coal / coal slurry). A wide range of applications require burners to be used in industrial applications where fuel is required to burn the material or react. Burner, also known as integrated burner to fuel and gas-based. Generally used in small and medium fuel boilers, fuel heaters, baking (baking) boxes and small fuel heating furnace.