Oil/gas Burner According To The Fuel

- Sep 28, 2017-

oil/gas burner According to the fuel

It consists of oil nozzles and blowers. The oil nozzle is placed on the axis of the air blower, and the oil is atomized into droplets. It is injected into the combustion chamber with a certain diffusion angle (also called atomization angle), and is mixed with the air supplied by the blower. Oil nozzles are mainly pressure atomization and two fluid atomization. The pressure atomizing oil nozzles consist of splitters, swirling vanes and atomized sheets. The oil pressure is generally 2 to 3 MPa. The oil produces high-speed rotary motion in the swirl plate, is ejected through the center hole, broken into fine droplets under the action of centrifugal force, and the average diameter of the oil droplets after atomization is below 100 microns. The two-fluid atomizing oil nozzle utilizes steam or compressed air as the atomizing medium to accelerate the oil and break the atomization. The Y-type oil nozzle (Fig. 3 Y-type oil nozzle) with steam as the atomizing medium is named for the Y-shaped oblique of the steam channel and the oil passage. It has the advantages of large load adjustment range and less steam consumption. Burner is also called the burner, according to the fuel can be divided into fuel burner and gas burner, biomass burner; in accordance with the use of objects into kiln burner and boiler burner; in accordance with the application areas can be divided into industrial burners, Civilian burner and special burner. The fuel burner is divided into light oil (such as diesel) and heavy oil burner (such as waste oil), gas burner is divided into natural gas burner, liquefied gas burner, city gas burner, biogas burner, biomass burner The use of biomass particles burning clean and pollution-free. We usually say that the burner refers to the boiler burner. In the case of

1, high thermal efficiency: to adapt to pressure fluctuations, self-regulation with a wind (that is, gas pressure, inhalation of a wind more; gas pressure is small, inhalation of a wind less), full combustion, high thermal efficiency;

2, high security: the burner is equipped with a small fire. Boiler start, the first point of a small fire, when the small fire normal combustion, the automatic control system to open the main gas valve, the fuel can enter the boiler normal combustion, will not produce deflagration;

3, fuel adaptability: the burner only need to replace a small number of components can be applied to natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, liquefied petroleum gas mixture and other gas.