Natural Gas Burner Maintenance

- Sep 28, 2017-

Natural gas burner maintenance should be from the main gas source, filter, control valve, burner and other aspects of the beginning. Main gas source for natural gas burners - For burners with natural gas as fuel, check the main air supply regulator to ensure that the line is intact. Do not adjust the gas company's control valve, the gas company will help clean, maintain and adjust the main gas source control valve. If there is a sensor line, check if it is damaged.

Natural Gas Burner Filter - If you install a "y" filter before the control valve, pay attention to cleaning.

Control the control valve - check the control valve on the gas burner to see if the adjustment bolt is easy to adjust. Make sure all the outlets and sieves are not blocked.

Burner - check the gas pipe group, check whether the manual switch adjustment is sensitive, the valve handle is installed. Check whether the barometer is working properly. When adjusting the gas burner, the precise pressure display is critical. Rotate the low pressure and high air pressure switches to confirm their operation. The connection of the valve is to be cleaned and lubricated, and if the connection is bonded or too rough, replace the appropriate fitting. If the burner is fitted with a detachable tubing, care should also be taken to clean it.