Influence Factors Of Waste Tire Pyrolysis

- Jan 19, 2017-

Just like any reaction, waste tire pyrolysis will be brought under the influence of, the first major factor continued as follows:

(1) The effect of preheating temperature

Waste tire pyrolysis process, there are two major weight loss process, the first weight temperature range 200-500 ℃, the second weight temperature range 650-800 ℃, temperature pyrolysis rate changed only the maximum rate of weight loss, does not alter the rate of final pyrolysis of waste tires. Fixed bed experiment showed that: initial temperature below 100 ℃ Shi, waste tire in 800 ℃ Shi pyrolysis has been jimu end, dang end temperature for 800 ℃, initial temperature in 100-550 ℃ range within Shi, with initial temperature of improve, solid, and gas two-phase product produced rate are improve, and liquid phase product produced rate reduced, which gas phase H2,CO,CH4 of content above initial temperature is less than 100 ℃ Shi of content, Analysis: can be adjusted by adjusting the initial pyrolysis temperature at different stages of the pyrolysis of waste tire pyrolysis time, improve initial temperature pyrolysis will serve to improve the time used in the pyrolysis processefficiency, changing the distribution of waste tire pyrolysis, pyrolysis and gasification of waste tires the best temperature range 500-800 ℃.

(2) Effects of scrap tire small block size

In reaction, small pieces of waste tire directly affects the response level issues such as response time and efficiency, reasonable design of tire small block size is very important. In this design, we will scrap tire small block size is designed to 1cm3 thesize of the cube. In this way, not only can be heated evenly, and convenience of cracking silo mixing and heat evenly. Small pieces too large is bad for even heating and stirring device causing inconvenience to the reaction.