How About Refining Margin Of Waste Tires

- Jan 19, 2017-

Now we are promoting waste recycling, recycling used. Then, in what is now the auto industry, waste tire oil refinery profit how? Check back with us!

Besides refining margin

The profits of the local oil refinery is quite attractive, and in general there were seventy thousand or eighty thousand Yuan to the construction of a "native" refinery, intwo or three months time, will be able to recover the costs of their investments. Refinery with of tire General are is from car garage bought of waste tire, acquisition price in market Shang each tons for 1200 Yuan around, average 1 tons of waste tire on can "refining out" 0.4 tons oil, while also has nearly 1 tons of wire, and refining out of oil each tons of price General in 3300 Yuan around, 1 tons wire each tons also can sold more than 1000 more Yuan. Under normal circumstances, 1 oven can hold 7-8 tons of tires, produce about 3 tons of oil, about 1 ton of steel wire, oilwires 1 furnace can sell 11000, while tyre costs are about 8500 Yuan, 1 furnace "waste tire" may net profit 2000-3000 Yuan.

Because the local oil refineries have a certain hazards (first of all, after burning odour components, especially the two harmful dioxins, hydrogen sulfide gas and, secondly, waste in the production process, waste oil polluted soil, destruction of soilorganic matter and cannot be rehabilitated; again, the production equipment security risks greatly. Oil refinery furnace itself belongs to the "boiler", can easily causeexplosions; and, finally, production equipment, cannot be layered on refined oil products to make the necessary refinement, produced "tires oil" is a mixture of oil bodies, oil quality is extremely poor, is prohibited by the State in the production and sales. Real oil must be at least 17 operations, and "tires oil" does not implementnational standards of production, the test of oil-poor safety performance indicators, quality is not guaranteed. "Oil refineries" will cause the machine nozzle Plug andengine damage, even explosive, extremely dangerous) so, the State would do some renovations!

Refining efficiency

Waste tires into about 45% fuel oil, 35% carbon black, gas and 10% wire, no wasteand secondary pollution, meet the national environmental standard for class II area, at the same time meet EU emissions standards. Which, can burning gas by efficient recycling technology, makes its directly pass into hot cracking reactor in the as heat again using, waste wire due to its material better, is metallurgical industry hot of raw materials, currently main supply Mills melted down, price for 1100~1400 Yuan/tons; chemical oil of calorific value about 9.7 million card, can supply boiler and industrial furnace kiln as fuel oil, price for 3000~3500 Yuan/tons; pyrolysis carbon black is rubber products and tire manufacturing of important raw materials, currently main supply in the policy tire, and Luhe users such as tires, Hua Lin, Shanghai tyre rubber belt factory, price of 3500~4000 Yuan/ton.