Copper Sulfate Production Line Technology

- Nov 27, 2020-

After years of research, the copper sulfate production techonlogy and equipment taking copper-containing materials as raw materials have reached a comparatively perfect degree, and has following features:
1. Annual (calculated as 300 days) rated production capacity has developed 300T, 600T, 1200T, 2400T, 4800T, and other scales.
2. Under normal conditions, product quality can reach GB437-93 requirements on agricultural grade.
3. Comprehensive power consumption≤150kw.h; copper recovery≥99.5%; acid consumption (96%)≤0.42 tons; water consumption≤1.5 tons.
4. No auxiliary equipment is required. Small floor area, low investment, there is a certain degree of automation in production process.
5. Excellent operating environment and environmental index.
6. Can offer complete set of design and non-standard equipments.

Raw materials to be treated with: copper-contained materials and metals, can be alloy powder, alloy spun gold and alloy block.
Main equipment: microbubble neutralizing tank, crystallizer, and etc.
Purpose: realize no waste gas and waste water emissions
Applications: treatment and separation of copper-containing materials, and etc.

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