Catalytic Cracking Of Rubber Tires Are Effective Ways To Reduce Environmental Pollution, Waste To Treasure

- Jan 19, 2017-

Catalytic cracking of waste rubber tires are effective ways to reduce environmental pollution, waste to treasure.

Since the 70 's, some industrialized countries have set out to scrap tire utilization. For example, Japan and the United States will scrap rubber tires as a fuel for generating electricity or manufacture of cement. But since the 90 's, Britain, the United States and many other countries interested in the waste tire pyrolysis, pyrolysis of these countries is about 1000, the drawback is the high energy consumption, poor quality of pyrolysis carbon black and low yield.

Cracking equipment have solved these problems, is more advanced international and domestic processing of waste tires universal device, the device uses the principle of distillation, using a closed, production of science, you can maximize the treasure, and no secondary pollution. After cracking furnace waste loaded, close the feed gate (by device capacity charge), operates according to the guideline, you cansafely get oil. Throughout the production process, the exhaust gas after treatmenttaken to the combustion in the furnace, which do not pour flammable at room temperature do not emit into the atmosphere, while in the furnace of the combustionof soot would be more advanced dust off. Excellent configuration of the device, the larger energy limited, with less value to achieve greater thermal efficiency.