Background And Significance Of Development Of Waste Plastics Oil Refining

- Jan 19, 2017-

With the development of the plastics industry, plastic is used more and more widely, and has permeated all areas of the national economy and people's daily life. It can be said that no other material like plastics, so a wide range of uses. Plastics with its own unique properties, such as light weight, high strength, easy processing, excellent electrical insulation, insulation and chemical resistance, has become one ofthe pillars of the modern industrial materials, is playing an increasingly important role in the national economy. However, because of certain properties of the plastic,causing it to use (or post-consumer) waste nonperishable, over time, seriously affect the Earth's ecological environment, has attracted great attention from the world.Current global total already exceeding billion tonnes of plastic products, millions of tons of plastic products in China, and 13% an annual growth rate of rapid growth, will also dramatically increase the amount of waste plastic, the conflict betweenenvironment and development will become more and more prominent, so treatment of plastic waste has become imperative.

Simple plastic waste disposal landfill and simple method is incineration. Landfill needs to take up a lot of precious land resources, but also contaminate the surrounding environment and groundwater systems; simple incineration would emit harmfulgases and particles, and, unable to recycle waste plastics combustion heat produced during combustion and causing huge waste of energy, both of which is not a good solution. Therefore, how to deal with plastic rubbish, all over the world and at all levels of Government to work and focus on the subject. Since the 90 's, turningwaste plastics into fuel oil research in China began to receive wide attention.