Alcohol-based Fuel Has Great Potential

- Sep 22, 2017-

Alcohol-based clean fuel refers to the methanol as raw material, can be directly used as fuel or the use of alkylation, superposition, isomerization, etherification, harmonic and other production methods to produce sulfur-free, non-nitrogen, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, non-explosive oil and auxiliary fuel additives, the cleaning fuel can be used in automobiles, ships, aircraft, ships, boilers, kilns, stoves, power generation and so on. As ethanol as fuel out of China's national conditions, alcohol-based clean fuel definition is not extended. Alcohol-based clean fuels include methanol, MTG, dimethyl ether, DMMn3-8, different proportions of alcohol hydrocarbon fuel. Alcohol-based fuel is based on alcohols (such as methanol, ethanol, etc.) as the main body of the fuel, in liquid or solid form of the existence. It is the same as nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydraulic energy, is the government to promote the current environmental clean energy.

It is understood that methanol as an alternative energy has three major advantages: First, large capacity, the use of the economy. Can be coal, coke oven gas, biomass, natural gas, carbon dioxide and other raw materials, the production process is mature, a wide range of raw materials;

Easy storage and transportation, easy to promote. Alcohol-based fuel is a liquid fuel, can be used in the original gasoline and diesel fuel and other storage and transportation methods can be achieved rapid use of large-scale use; Third, low environmental emissions. Methanol itself does not burn

PM2.5, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emissions capacity is lower than natural gas, exhaust emissions clean. In the context of increasingly depleted fossil fuel resources, alcohol-based fuels, as carriers of new clean energy and carbon cycles, not only address the efficient storage and distribution of energy, but also their synthetic routes and the re-synthesis cycle of waste such as carbon dioxide The use of mitigation of global warming is of great significance.