Advantages Of Our Pyrolysis Plant

- Sep 18, 2018-

Advantages 1.The first in the world to have created the new heating structure that combined the advantages of burning the reactor and heating the main reactor by hot air. 2.The technology of avoiding the reactor of being burnt through by reforming the furnace, which will lengthen the life span of the main reactor for 2 to 3 years which saves quite amount of money for customers to maintain and update the continuous and batch used tire pyrolysis equipment, and reduces the rate of depreciation 3.The technology of improving the oil output by another 5% with the same machine. Environmenttal friendly 1.Totally sealed reacting system, and slag discharging system, which prevent odor and ash releasing out. 2.Extra gas purifing system, remove chemical and impurity then recycle it into furnace for heating, clean and energy recycling. 3.6 generation hot some cleaning system, configured with filtering tank, liquid cleaning chamber, liquid sprayers and chimney, make emission meet EU standard. Please refer the scene picture of our Turkey factory: Energy saving 1.Latest heating system, combined hot smoke heating and fire directly heating. improve heating effeciency for 20% and save energy for 15-20%. 2.New designed reactor case, with particular thermolith and asbestos cover. Increase life time and make reactor get heated uniformly. 3.Specific reactor case cover, keep kcal from transmited to air in workshop. Operation security measures 1.Auto alarm system for over temperature and pressure. 2.Auto pressure releasing system to keep emergency situations into safty. 3.Auto operating control panal keep operator from high risk area.