Technical characteristics of heavy oil burners

- Jan 19, 2017-

1. The use of flame stabilizer makes the base of the fire stability of the Eddy current circulation, reduce the rotation of wind, so that the air can be reduced by half.

2. Agree, the flame, making heavy oil cannot be entrained in the gas stream-like effect in divergent "flame shaped history, plus reasonable to avoid kiln temperature, prolong the life of kiln mouth iron.

3. Clean air is there continuous rectangle directly air jet, Jet burners front to ring after clearance, while increasing the gap area can be elongated flame, improving the average temperature inside the kiln.

4. Swirling blades installed in the duct in the front end from the front-end 2cm external duct wall, play a flame fold, avoid high temperature kiln. Burners can be adjusted first line handles, swirling leaves the factory located in the ruler 6 ", adjust the range 0}6cm, not negative, wind only to back, elongated flame.

5. Hot gas around the central air nozzles blow the top back, not only cooling of nozzle internal, but also cools the surface to protect the burner head, extend the lifeof the burner.