Production of industrial alcohol Act

- Jan 19, 2017-

General industrial starch produced from fermentation or by hydration of ethylene-ethanol

1. The alcohol industry development should be combined with the development of the agricultural-food, adhere to the "market-oriented" approach, plays based on improving quality and economic performance, insist on quality, multi-variety, low consumption, and take the road of comprehensive development, product structure,the corporate structure at a high speed and expansion of exports and development priorities, to high-tech development, and direction of development, talent development of economies of scale. Management of utilizing foreign capital and promote the alcohol industry to a new level..

2. And to improve economic, purpose, speed up to scale economic large, direction of backbone enterprise of development, will pollution governance and new resources utilization combined up, efforts exploration governance pollution, and protection environment, and improve benefits of new way, strengthening save energy, food, and improve automation level of technology, efforts reduced cost, improve products quality, to increased export and feed production, breakthrough, vigorously development took root species, and new products, and adjustment enterprise products structure, go diversified development of road.

3. Alcohol production enterprises must strengthen self-construction, speed up scientific and technological progress, improve the quality of staff, improve the levelof management, can improve economic efficiency, to survive in the competition, and strive to catch up with the advanced world level.