On development trend of ethanol industry

- Jan 19, 2017-

Dominated by fermentation of alcohol production in China, the majority of factories are made of sweet potato and corn as raw material.

In order to further improve the level of production of alcohol, all engineers are studying a new method of alcohol fermentation, as now applied in the industrial production of alcohol fermentation with immobilized cells, high temperature resistant Active Dry Yeast fermentation of new fermentation processes. In terms of equipment, there are many new bioreactor appears, if this single tank, yeast in continuous stirred reactor with continuous stirred reactor, Tower-type reactor, immobilized cell reactor. Alcohol distillation process are constantly improved and perfected. Furthertransformation of distillation tray structure and study new distillation technology. Current research on more efficient differential pressure distillation distillation process, membrane separation, such as alcohol. As ethanol sensor and application of microcomputer control system, industrial level of production of alcohol will have new breakthrough.