History of alcohol production technology

- Jan 19, 2017-

Alcohol production is developed on the basis of wine, wine of our working peopleback more than 4,000 years ago. But because of the level of production technology and awareness of limitations, limit the production of alcohol. Until 1902, when China's alcohol industry did not start. In Fujian province set up a sweet potato as raw material to produce alcohol factory. In 1934. Alcohol factory in Shanghai, China, the main alcohol production with molasses of sugar cane and sweet potato as raw material.

After the founding of new China, China's alcohol industry regardless of the yield, quality and technology are developing by leaps and bounds. Starch out of wine increased by more than 50%, to promote new technology in production, new technology and new equipment, and trained a large number of professionals in alcohol production. Now large domestic alcohol alcohol production in million tons. Many manufacturers of high quality alcohol is exported to foreign countries, economic benefits are significant.