Heavy oil burners principle

- Jan 19, 2017-

Principle: two heavy oil into the burner and swirl oil and axial flow oil, respectively,similar to air both inside and outside of the burner. A circular-shaped swirl oil distribution and axial-flow of oil is in the middle of a column. When it reaches the spray head into all the way, through the atomizer nozzle into the kiln, spray according to the size of the hole is divided into a variety of specifications. Heating and charging process, according to different specifications of the atomizer needs to be replaced. Kiln with kiln burner structure, but is much larger than the portion outside of the wind in the wind, inlet pipe differs from a kiln and burners for oil and one for oil. 8.4mm atomizer used for kiln combustion, fuel injection quantity 10 00014 OOOL/h> for the first time in 2 SOOL/h.