Characteristics of alcohol distillation device

- Jan 19, 2017-

First, energy saving. High efficiency and low resistance of the plate type, reducing the bottom temperature, amount of reflux, establishing the rational use of energy distillation processes at all levels; as far as possible the instrument control or automatic control system, the equipment at the top load condition.

Second, the production of high strength. Improve the vapor-liquid flux towers, especially designed for beer column, should pay more attention to their relations withvapor-liquid ratio. Makes the device more compact, the intensity of production and processing capacity and improve methods, highly efficient tray replace old Tower (Tower not moving).

Third, the emission performance. At the same time minimizing mature fiber content in the mash, the equipment should also consider their distillation of fermented liquid of solids-bearing, minimize the number of cut-off clear Tower.

Finally, fully consider the amplification Tower. Especially for annual output of more than 15000 tons of towers, due to the diameter is more than 1.5 m above, so to actively advance the tower with large diameter measures to lessen the separation efficiency decreases.

Finally, simple structure and cost reduction. In the context of technology licensing,plate structure simple and efficient and selection of new type of tray.