Brief of copper sulfate production line

- Dec 21, 2019-

A copper-dissolving equipment for producing copper sulfate, which is mainly composed of a buffer, an acid-resistant centrifugal pump, a hydraulic jet pump and a reactor. Various kinds of waste copper materials (powder, flakes, silk) can be made into copper sulfate through oxidation leaching and post-treatment in this equipment. Because a hydraulic jet pump air supply system is used in this equipment, the utilization rate of oxygen is improved, and the thermal energy generated during the reaction is sufficient to maintain the thermal energy required for the reaction, so the energy consumption is reduced, and copper sulfate is produced with this equipment. Simple equipment, convenient operation, short construction period, high efficiency and no pollution to the environment.

This process uses a new type of copper etching assistant to make copper copper rapidly oxidized by air in dilute sulfuric acid solution to prepare industrial copper sulfate. The process has a low reaction temperature (40-100 ° C), fast speed, all mother liquors are recycled, high raw material utilization, short process flow, low equipment investment, simple operation, low energy consumption, no environmental pollution, and product quality reaches the national standard GB437- 80 first-class quality requirements.