Analysis of alcohol types

- Jan 19, 2017-

1. Classified according to the material used in the production of starch quality andfermentation alcohol, molasses alcohol fermentation of raw materials, waste sulphite pulp fermented to produce alcohol.

Starch alcohol fermentation of raw materials (potatoes, cereals and starch-containing raw materials such as wild plants, in the presence of microbial hydrolysis of starch to glucose, and then further alcohol produced by the yeast);

Molasses alcohol fermentation of raw materials (direct use of molasses in the sugar, add diluted antiseptic and some nutrients through Yeast fermentation of alcohol);

And sulphite pulp waste fermentation to produce alcohol (using waste paper containing the six-carbon sugar, in the presence of Yeast fermentation into alcohol, themain products for industrial alcohol. Also sawdust produced by dilute acid hydrolysis of alcohol).

2. The method of production, fermentation method, synthesis method can be divided into two broad categories.

3. Divides according to the quality or nature of the product, is divided into higheralcohols, ethanol, ethyl alcohol and denatured alcohol.

4. By product family (BG384-81) is divided into grade, level, grade II or grade III and IV. One, the equivalent of high purity alcohol and distillation of alcohol. Three-level equivalent of medical alcohol, grade equivalent of industrial alcohol. New secondary standard is designed to meet the needs of different users and production, reduce waste in the production and use, improve product quality and development.