Technical Requirements For Face Mask

Technical Requirements For Face Mask

1. Safer and more comfortable.
2. High quality.
3. Much quanity masks come from Chinese factory.
4..Cheaper and cleaner.

Product Details

When you wear a properly fitted surgical mask, it ACTS as a barrier between the germs and your face.Symptomatic (infectious) persons should wear surgical masks, if supplies are available.We offer usual and safer masks.d4a9a2c57651ef3ac530ccc49a1d0f1

Cheaper and high quality is our pursuit.


Our masks can protect you from Covid-19 as soon as possible.Much quanity masks come from China and made in China. strict and technical process for producing.

cheaper is a adcancement.High quality is most importment adcancement.



All in all, if you want to get high quality, safer and more comfortable masks, we are a suitable manufacturer.

If you want to know more information in details about our production,

Please contact Manger Jack Wong,


+0086 15836175910 ( WeChat or WhatsApp number)

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