Reasonable Price Face Mask To Protect Yourself

Reasonable Price Face Mask To Protect Yourself

1.Reasonable price 2.High quality 3.Good protection

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Reasonable price face mask to protect yourself from Henan,China




2020,not a nomal year,we must protect ourselves and our family.

Now face mask is necessary for everyone.


3ply Disposable Face Mask
* Mask Covers Mouth and Nose against Infected Aerosols (respiratory droplets)
* Avoid Crowded Places Where Respiratory droplets can be Generated when People Cough or Sneeze
* Wash Hands Thoroughly after Visiting Public Places
* Watch What You Touch
* Make Sure Mask Covers Properly Mouth, Nose and Chin
* Masks Help Protect Yourself and Other Viral Infections Thru Aerosol Transmission
* Keep Protective Masks Handy Especially when Traveling Abroad
* Epidemic is Still in Progress and May Happen in a Neighborhood near you
If you need any help,please contact me freely
Cindy Zhang
Mob:+86 18568225246(WhatsApp & Wechat)

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