Continuous Aluminum Seal Liner Bottle Cap Sealing Machine

1.Electromagnetic induction 2.Used for Aluminum foil seal liner 3.Continuous type,easy to operate 4.Full automatic

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Continuous aluminum seal liner bottle cap sealing machine

Principle: the eddy current magnetic field is generated when the electromagnetism is in contact with the metal material, which causes the instant temperature rise of the metal material to achieve the purpose of transforming the magnetic heat into practical.
stainless steel continuous induction sealer based on the above principle, the lid is in aluminum foil gasket (adhesion with metal aluminum sealing special material) to bottle of induction sealing, magnetic induction zone when the bottle after sealing machine,cover in the aluminum foil gasket will be induction identification, attached to the gasket on the momentary hot metal aluminum will melt the glue layer on the gasket to the bottle and incorporated into an organic whole, product sealing purpose to realize firm.

Auto induction sealing machine with belt conveyor

The continuous type aluminum foil induction sealing machine is formed by Electromagnetic induction coil,Operation panel box,electrical controlling box,which is easily move and small space.The surface material 304 stainless steel.

Induction sealing is "induction power" through "induction head" (induction coil) formation of vortex (induced current) pass electricity "induction head cap in the aluminum foil below, and internal power in aluminum foil into heat energy, will be coated with aluminum foil on the polymer material (lining) along the bottle or melt filling mouth, at this time and with the combination of the stress on the bottle, melted the built-in seal on the bottle end, resulting in a closed sealing process.






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