Auto Foil Sealing Machine For Sharp Mouth Bottles

Auto Foil Sealing Machine For Sharp Mouth Bottles

1. electromagnetic induction sealing machine.
2. Sealing for aluminum foil.
3. machine or sharp mouth and flat mouth.
4. for plastic and glass bottles.
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China No.1 Sale Auto Foil Sealing Machine for Sharp Mouth Bottle.

Auto Foil Sealing Machine for Sharp Mouth Bottle

Auto Foil Sealing Machine for Sharp Mouth Bottle

1. Basic Parameters:

Model: RT1600

Power Supply: 220V/110V, 50/60HZ

Motor: 1600W

Type: Continuous type sealing machine

Cooling type:Air cooled

Sealing diameter: 20-60mm, or customized(for sharp mouth and flat mouth bottles)

Bottle height: 20-300mm (can be customized)

Working temperature: 10-40℃

Speed: 0-5m/min (can be customized)

N.W: 28kg



2. Introduction.

Auto Foil Sealing Machine for Sharp Mouth Bottles is an electromagnetic induction sealing machine. Its non-contact heating characteristics are suitable for sealing plastic bottles (PP, PVC, PET, ABS, HDPE, PS, Duracon) glass bottles and various composite plastic hoses, etc. It is the sealing of pharmaceutical, food, oil, daily chemical, household chemical, agricultural chemical bottles at present.


3. Working Principle.

The host of Auto Foil Sealing Machine will transmit the super audio current to the induction head, and the aluminum foil under the induction head will receive the electromagnetic induction and generate the super audio current, until it reaches the high temperature instantaneously, so that the composite film on the aluminum foil will melt and bond with the bottle mouth to achieve the high quality sealing effect.


4. Features.

a. 1. The shell of the Auto Foil Sealing Machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is beautiful and meets GMP requirements.
b. Advanced AC speed-adjusting motor, closed-loop stepless variable speed, adjustable conveying speed.
c. Adjustable power switching power supply, no preheating is required to start, and the operation is simple.
d. The Auto Foil Sealing Machine for sharp mouth is equipped with Intelligent air cooling, strong power, efficient and economical.
e. Built-in intelligent stabilized power supply system to ensure constant power output and normal operation under power grid fluctuations.
f. With overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating protection functions and automatic detection and diagnosis functions.


5. Why Choose us?

a. About Qualtiy.

Our Auto Foil Sealing Machine will be tested and qulified before deliver. We're factory direct supply. We can make sure of the quality 100%.

b. About Guarantee.

Our machines have one year warranty. And we will supply technical support all the time.

c. About delivery.

Our Auto Foil Sealing Machine will be delivered within 7 days after the order.

d.About oprerating.

Our customer service will be online wihtin 24 hours. If you have any question about operating, they will reply to you timely and professionally.


6. Product show

Auto Foil Sealing Machine for Sharp Mouth Bottles-2Auto Foil Sealing Machine for Sharp Mouth Bottles-3

Auto Foil Sealing Machine for Sharp Mouth Bottles

7. About Factory.

Realtop Facory


Henan Realtop Machinery Co., Ltd, specialize in the development,production and operation of all kinds of seal liners and sealing machines. We have excellent production equipment, advanced production technology, rich industry experience, professional technical team and scientific management, high quality after-sales service to provide customers with high quality products and high satisfaction service.


Our main Products are hand type induction sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, filling machine, induction seal liners, pressure seal liners, foam liners, vent seal liners, vent plugs etc..Which are widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, liquid, pesticides, Oils and other chemical products packaging.

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8. About contact.
Continuous Heat Induction Sealing Machine

Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-15836160815.
Welcome to contact us freely for Auto Foil Sealing Machine for Sharp Mouth Bottles.



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